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Navigate Management Consulting, Bill Sharer

Memorial Service for Navigate Management Consulting Founder Bill Sharer Saturday

Bill Sharer, AV industry consultant and co-founder of Navigate Management Consulting, died Aug. 19 after a two-year battle with cancer. He would have been 75 today.


Integrators Need to Do More Than Pay Lip Service to AV As A Service

AV Week panel looks at the complexities of shifting your business to an AVaaS model and the dangers that come with ignoring it.

Nike Adventure Club

Nike Adventure Club: Another Reminder to AV Integrators About Building Brand Loyalty

Largest U.S. footwear company aims subscription model at kids ages 2-10 to get them to think first and foremost about their company from a young age.

Commercial Integrator Summit, CI Summit, AV integration profitability, CI Summit, AV projects

Business-Altering Tips and Vendor Connections Await Guests of 2019 Commercial Integrator Summit

Full slate of 2019 Commercial Integrator Summit general sessions, boardroom presentations and meetings with vendors will help integrators grow and improve.

Many More Than 40 Influencers Under 40

As our editors compiled this year’s 40 Under 40 spotlight this spring, we all had fun looking back at previous issues and recounting earlier winners. It is from this reminiscence that the “Many More Than 40 Influencers Under 40” compendium was born.

NSCA, Lone Star Communications

NSCA Members Forge Powerful Bond, Share Business Practices to Transform Companies

Lone Star Communications and Communication Company partnership formed by NSCA members and the leaders aren’t afraid to embrace each other’s policies.

Quick and Easy Guide to Pricing IT Services

Are you setting your prices for IT services based on how much it truly costs you to perform one hour of service? If you’re not, you are likely leaving money on the table.

Robert Balgley, Solstice Kepler, Mersive, room monitoring

InfoComm 2019: IVCi Explains How Mersive Solstice Supports Its Evolution

IVCi has transitioned from being a traditional hardware integrator to more of an IT services provider, and at InfoComm 2019 IVCi’s Dan Abrams explains how Mersive Solstice has played a role.

AV Industry, IOTA Global Summary, Global business concept. Silhouette of business people.

AVIXA IOTA Global Summary: Pro AV Industry Will Reach $325B in 2024

AV Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis [IOTA] predicts growth from $247 billion in 2019 based on economic strength and demand for AV products and services.