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What AV Integrators Can Learn from My 96-Year-Old Technophobe Grandmother

Although Nani never owned a computer and didn’t understand anything about the AV integration world, she can still impart some important lessons.

A Look Ahead at the Integration Business in 2020

The commercial AV industry is changing rapidly. Just think back to the beginning of the decade way back in 2010. There is no doubt that we will see similar growth and evolution as we kick off 2020.

AV Integrator Cybersecurity

Protecting Yourself From Hacking Will Also Protect Your Clients

Wall Street Journal report about the previously unknown scale of a massive hacking attack against cloud providers should scare AV integrators.


Don’t Make Resolutions in 2020; Make Real Promises Instead

If you say you’ll do something, then don’t follow through with it after a day or a week, what was the point of proclaiming it in the first place?

2020 AV industry predictions

2020 AV Industry Predictions: How Integrators and Manufacturers View the Next Year

Breaking out the crystal ball to take a glimpse into the future and it looks like AI could play a major role in the next 12 months.

Recurring Revenue, service-based AV

AV Integrators Need Guidance on Why to Take a Service-Based AV Approach

Integrators who haven’t tried a service-based model still need some convincing about why they should do it, even after CI Integrators of the Year told them.

Cybersecurity, data breach

Don’t Be The Next Data Breach Scapegoat

As AV integrators adopt a managed services model, they should train staff on cybersecurity, hire dedicated IT staff and look into cybersecurity insurance.

AV Industry trends, AV integration industry, systems integration industry, State of the Industry 2020, AV integration, AV Industry trends, AV service revenue

State of the Industry 2020: AV Service Revenue is the Antidote for Recession

AV service revenue isn’t easy: we understand why many integrators haven’t made the switch. But doing so will protect them from recession woes down the line.

AV Integrator Cybersecurity

AV Integrators: Cybersecurity Lapses Could Cost You Big Time

As AV moves to a service-based model and merges with IT, integrators should be aware that MSPs are becoming a valuable target of cybercriminals.