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USC Networked AV

How Networked AV and Dante are Helping USC Adapt to the New Normal

The University of Southern California was already adopting an IP-based AV system that would allow for hybrid or remote learning even before COVID-19.

Mobile Access Control, Coronavirus

Coronavirus is Making Mobile Access Control More Important

Nexkey says COVID-19 has had a major impact, with 44% of workers saying the pandemic has made access control more important.

Zoom Hardware as a Service

Zoom’s Hardware-as-a-Service Offering Spells Out Why You Need to Offer AVaaS

Zoom is bundling Zoom Rooms and Zoom Phone with hardware at a monthly fee while integrators are still hesitant to offer managed services or AVaaS.

Readers' Survey

2020 Commercial Integrator Readers’ Survey Gives Us Insights to Shape Our Future

Knowing what CI readers want to see more—and less—will help us understand where to focus our resources to deliver the news and insights you want most.

NEC realeyes

NEC, Realeyes Team Up to Develop Emotion Analysis

NEC and AI firm Realeyes will develop and distribute emotion analysis solutions aimed at serving the new coronavirus-induced remote workforce.

Regional Accents Alexa

Regional Accents Could Affect Intelligent Virtual Assistants, Report Says

A recently published report suggests regional accents can affect intelligibility with virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

AV Over IP survey

AV over IP Can Be Part of the COVID-19 Response

The remote management capabilities, cost and ease of installation, and scalability of AV over IP systems can help you and your customers navigate COVID-19.

Electronic Systems Outlook

NSCA Electronic Systems Outlook Summer 2020 Report Shows 9% Construction Decline This Year

COVID-19 pandemic plays major role in construction downturn, which leads to effects across AV and other low-voltage systems integrators.

Videoconferencing Apps, collaboration apps

Navigating the Sea of Videoconferencing, Collaboration Apps in the Conference Room

The COVID-19 crisis created a huge demand for videoconferencing and collaboration apps that won’t go away once customers return to their conference rooms.

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