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New CDC Data Suggests Touch Panels, Screens Aren’t Big Infection Vectors

New research indicates the coronavirus doesn’t typically spread via touching when good hygiene is practiced.

Hybrid Work Meeting Rooms

How The Pandemic And Hybrid Work Are Changing Meeting Room Needs

Unified communications and collaboration experts say hybrid work is more than a buzz word, and AV integrators need to take note.

Google Hybrid Work

Supreme Court Says Google’s Use Of Sun Java API Was Fair Use

The Supreme Court’s ruling that Google did not violate copyright laws could help accelerate the tech industry’s open source movement.

Videoconferencing Habits, Videoconferencing Trends

What Customers Now Expect From Videoconferencing Rooms

Customers now have sky high expectations that meeting rooms will be both safe and provide exceptional AV quality after a year of remote work.

smell scent technology market

Scent is a Viable Technology Market That Integrators Should Sniff Out

Scent technology should be considered an up-and-coming element for many integration firms’ existing clients across several key verticals.

Office Space COVID-19

Report: Companies Scale Back Office Reduction Plans

According to a survey, global companies are thinking twice about reducing their use of office space as the pandemic improves.

Microsoft, benefits of microsoft 365 business and ROI

Microsoft Is Experimenting With Hybrid Work Tools As Company Begins Transition

Microsoft is utilizing multiple screens, cameras and mixed reality devices as the company begins its hybrid work model this month.

Smart Buildings Pro AV market

Where Pro AV and Smart Buildings Meet

With a renewed focus on connectivity and data, the smart building market is an attractive opportunity for system integrators.

Mental Health Programs

Employee Wellness Programs Are Critical — During COVID And Beyond

As the pro AV industry looks to rebound from a tough 2020, take the time to address your employees’ mental health.

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