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commercial AV integrators, global expansion, global expansion benefits

Global Expansion Benefits for Commercial AV Integrators Outweigh the Negatives… If They Can Pull it Off

Clients are establishing worldwide impact for their brands. This means their commercial AV integrators must work within a set of global expansion benefits.

Pro-AV Business Index, pro AV, pro av systems

Sales and Employment Growth Remain Flat in Latest AVIXA Pro-AV Business Index Results

AVIXA market intelligence staffers wonder how tax reform will affect pro AV and where their gauge of industry health falls in terms of lead, lag indicators.

ISE 2018, Integrated Systems Europe, Integrated Systems Europe 2018, commercial tech

The 3 Biggest Trends to Watch at ISE 2018: VR, Robots and the Resolution War

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2018) is even more massive this year. The director of the show says mixed reality, robotics, AI and OLED will prevail.

voice control, commercial tech, voice assistant, workspace

Voice Assistants Are the Future of Control and Automation in the Workspace

Rapidly advancing voice assistant technologies from the consumer market are fueling a new era of voice control in the commercial tech industry.

hybrid office, alternative workspace, workspace, resimercial

Why the ‘Resimercial Workspace’ is the Next Big Thing in Alternative Workspaces

Offices now cater to the ‘never truly off’ mentality with resimercial workspace, a tech-dependent hybrid office that facilitates collaboration.

drone technology, production hydrogen drone, uVue

This Breakthrough in Drone Technology Could Impact U.S. Integration Markets

The “world’s first” production hydrogen drone, the MMC Hydrone 1500, was first adopted by UK firm uVue and is poised to upset drone technology.

community cinema, pop up cinema

Entertainment Integrators Should Get Involved with the Latest Pop-Up Trend: Community Cinema

Community cinema, or pop up cinema as it is sometimes called, is one area entertainment integrators are already poised to affect.

NSCA Ignite program, AV industry, AV recruiting, NSCA Ignite

The NSCA Ignite Program Will End AV Recruiting Issues… If the AV Industry Invests in It, Too

AV recruiting is an ongoing challenge. But if the NSCA Ignite program and others like it in the AV industry are to solve it, integrators have to invest too.

service-level agreements, adopting software, ConnectWise, John Fry, ConnectWise services, ConnectWise, Stamm Media, IT Nation Conference

ConnectWise Wants to Help You Sell, Support Service-level Agreements

Business software provider ConnectWise says it can help companies overcome common obstacles to transitioning to a service-level agreements based revenue model.

AV industry, AV integration

What’s the Key to Growth in the AV Industry? Expanding Your Portfolio

Commentator Dan Newman proposes that AV integration firms need to take a bigger bite out of spaces that have long taken bites out of the AV industry.

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