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AV Industry Consultant Calls 2017 a Year of Disruption

Systems integration in 2017 was, indeed, pretty disruptive. But according to noted AV industry consultant Alan C. Brawn, that’s a good thing!

DOOH, digital out of home, location data

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is the Hottest Medium to Reach Consumers On-The-Go

The DOOH (digital out of home) industry is thriving, which means location data has cemented its place in technology’s present and future.

systems integration, AV industry, AV system designers, AV installers, commercial tech, tech integration

This Graph Suggests AV System Designers May Need to Think Outside of The Firm

Commercial tech integration firms are, on average, looking to fill 7 AV system designers positions. Let’s hope 2018 is the year of job fulfillment.

commercial tech, tech integration, tech integration

Threats & Opportunities Your Commercial Tech Integration Business Will Contend With in 2018

Commercial tech integration in 2018 requires your AV business to be IT-centric; to be poised for acquisition; but most of all: to be prepared!

project profitability, AV industry, AV labor rates, project backlog

4 Graphs Show 2018 Predictions for Pro AV Industry Project Profitability & AV Labor Rates

These four graphs paint a picture of the AV industry project profitability, once again showing that AV labor rates and project backlog are keys to success.

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These Numbers Prove The AV Integration Industry is in Dire Need of More Young People in 2018 and Beyond

The AV integration industry is comprised of mostly middle-aged and older males. What message does that send to the next generation? Not a sustainable one.

pro AV, vertical markets

The Biggest Pro AV Vertical Markets are Trending Up in 2018

Our numbers suggest that, for most of the pro AV vertical markets, business looks promising for 2018, especially in corporate and education.

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There’s a ‘Disappointing’ Lack of Managed Services Contracts in AV Industry, According to These Findings

Managed services contracts are still considerably low in the AV industry. This is surprising for a space that’s filled with acquisitions.

AV industry, AV integration business, revenue trends

This Graph Shows AV Industry Revenue Trends for 2018 Look Pretty Healthy

According to our recent survey, revenue trends for the average AV integration business are up, spelling a healthy AV industry market in 2018.

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Pro AV Hiring Troubles: 3 Questions with The Mason Group

Nick Lanska of pro AV hiring firm The Mason Group stresses the importance of using a networked approach to finding experienced AV labor.

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