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AV industry, commercial technology, AV market, AV integration, State of the Industry 2018

CI State of the Industry 2018: The Incredible Shrinking AV Industry

AV industry ripe for forward-thinking commercial technology integrators to excel. CI State of the Industry 2018 predicts 9% growth in AV market this year.

AV systems integration business, AV design, commercial tech, business value

What Is My Technology Integration Business Worth?

3 ways to determine your technology business value include evaluating competing systems integration businesses against your own’s strengths.

pro audio, in-ceiling loudspeakers, pro speakers

11 Most Innovative Pro Audio Products of 2017: The Best Pro Speakers, In-Ceiling Loudspeakers and More

Audix, Bose, Meyer Sound, QSC, Yamaha Pro Audio and others round-out our list of the most innovative pro speakers, wireless microphones and more of 2017.

corporate collaboration, collaboration technology

Do You Know What Corporate Collaboration Users Really Want? Find Out in Just Five Questions

Test your corporate collaboration technology end user knowledge with these rapid-fire True or False questions, thanks to research conducted by NEC Display.

AV integrators, systems integrators

4 Things AV Integrators Need to Start Selling in 2018 (If They Haven’t Yet)

Investing in subscription services, analytics, mobile and digital transformation should be prioritized by all AV integrators in 2018 and beyond.

microchip, employees, artificial intelligence, sales force, AV installation

How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve Your AV Installation Sales Force

Artificial intelligence is a brilliant resource for your sales force. Why don’t more AV installation companies embrace it?

Internet of Things, IoT, IoT spending

Worldwide IoT Spending to Hit $1 Trillion by 2020, Says IDC

IoT spending to reach $1 trillion in 2020. Other regions to see new Internet of Things markets, especially manufacturing, utilities and transportation.

hospital security, security purchasing

Campus Safety Survey Reveals What Hospital Security Professionals Plan on Spending in 2018

Campus Safety survey ranks the most common hospital security system upgrades and new security purchasing plans professionals say they’re ready for in 2018.

AV Junction, AV jobs

AV Junction Launches Global Freelance Platform to Help Those Seeking (and Offering) AV Jobs

AV Junction web-based platform matches AV integration firms, rental and staging professionals and manufacturers with freelancers.

pro AV products, commercial electronics

The 12 Most Important Pro AV Products of 2017 (According to Bob Archer)

Bob Archer chooses Polycom, DVIGear, Crestron, Surgex, Stewart Filmscreen, and other pro AV products among his favorite commercial electronics of 2017.

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