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InfoComm 2018, Center Stage, AVIXA, Rachel Bradshaw

Center Stage at InfoComm 2018: An ‘Utterly Insane’ AV Professionals’ ‘Playground’

In a video interview with CI, AVIXA director of program design Rachel Bradshaw talks about Center Stage at InfoComm 2018 — “the absolute coolest program I’ve ever had the opportunity to be associated with.”


Security Integrators Need to Care More About Cyber Security

Physical security systems installed by security integrators connect to the internet & are vulnerable to cyber security attacks. How are you protecting them?

AV training, InfoComm 2018, Design Thinking, AVIXA

Why ‘Design Thinking for AV’ Is a Must-Take 3-Day Class at InfoComm 2018

Fast-filling-up Design Thinking for AV 3-day AV training class at Infocomm 2018 is “the coolest class we’ve ever offered,” says AVIXA’s Rachel Bradshaw.

pro AV podcast, AV+, AV news, commercial tech, pro AV, av podcast, AV plus podcast

Where Nostalgia Has a Place in Pro AV: Episode 12 of AV+, the Pro AV Podcast

Episode 12 of AV+, the pro AV podcast from Commercial Integrator, takes a trip down memory lane and dives into one of the most comprehensive school installs.

AV hiring, pro AV integration, AV news

How to Recruit Technology Professionals in the AV Industry

ConnectWise finds inspiration from Patrick Lencioni’s “The Ideal Team Player” to identify best practices on how to recruit technology professionals.

Mobile First Indexing, AV integrator, Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile First Indexing Could Hurt 66% of AV Integrator Websites

AV integrator websites that do not have ‘responsive’ mobile-friendly design could ‘plummet’ in Google ranking under new Mobile First Indexing policy.

pro AV podcast, AV+, AV news, commercial tech, pro AV, av podcast, AV plus podcast

Collaboration and Digital Signage Customers Search for This More: Episode 11 of AV+, the Pro AV Podcast

If you only use AV keywords like digital signage and collaboration tech to describe your business, it’s time to rethink your marketing. Tune in ep. 11 of AV+

AV keywords, AV experience, digital signage, video board, video call, video conferencing, collaboration technology, AV content marketing

Can You Guess What AV Keywords Customers Search to Find Their Next AV Experience?

What AV keywords are your customers searching for to end up with the AV experience you provide them? We examine collaboration & digital signage for answers.

business data, Zuckerberg hearing, data privacy tips, data privacy laws

Don’t Be Like Mark Zuckerberg: Data Privacy Tips for AV Integrators

The Zuckerberg hearing has us wondering if AV integrators know just how much their customers put in their hands. Here are some critical data privacy tips.

cybersecurity for businesses, Data Leaks in 2017,

What Data Leaks in 2017 Teaches Integrators About Cybersecurity for Businesses

As more businesses make the decision to store customer data in the cloud, multiple threats surround cybersecurity for businesses.

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