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AV Junction, AV jobs

AV Junction Launches Global Freelance Platform to Help Those Seeking (and Offering) AV Jobs

AV Junction web-based platform matches AV integration firms, rental and staging professionals and manufacturers with freelancers.

pro AV products, commercial electronics

The 12 Most Important Pro AV Products of 2017 (According to Bob Archer)

Bob Archer chooses Polycom, DVIGear, Crestron, Surgex, Stewart Filmscreen, and other pro AV products among his favorite commercial electronics of 2017.

pro microphone, pro mics, pro microphones, microphone sales, Audix Micropod microphones in North Texas Municipal Water District

Pro Microphone Sales to Grow While Margins Fall, Says Futuresource Study

Pro microphone sales will grow by more than 50 percent by 2021 with Audio Technica, Sennheiser and Shure leading the way… But what do the margins say?

AV integrators

Most AV Integrators Won’t Cross This ‘Double Line’ in 2018 (And Neither Will IT-Centric Ones)

AV integrators aren’t ‘mission critical’ in this author’s opinion, and therefore would have a hard time acquiring series IT-centric firms.

systems integrator, Mega-Integrator, Integrator of the Year

Rise of ‘Mega Integrator’ Leaves Room for Middle-Sized Systems Integrator to Grow

There’s a place for small- and medium-sized systems integrators to thrive as their larger peers become mega-integrators, like our Integrator of the Year.

AV industry, pro AV

What the Pro AV Industry is Thankful for During Thanksgiving 2017

Pro AV folks share what they are most thankful for during Thanksgiving. Some say it was a wild year for the AV industry — but nothing pie can’t fix.

Integrator of the Year: The $1 Billion-Bound, Private Equity Systems Integrator

This year’s Integrator of the Year is a bit different: we explore how major deals and private equity have changed the AV industry and systems integrators.

AV industry, Stiernberg Consulting, John Stiernberg, AV Industry Consultant

John Stiernberg, Respected AV Industry Consultant, Dies at 66

John Stiernberg, AV industry consultant and co-founder of Stiernberg Consulting, died on November 11, 2017, after a cancer battle.

NEC, NEC Showcase, digital signage education, digital signage, video collaboration, collaboration technology

Why So Many Manufacturers Showed Up to the NEC Showcase in NYC This Year

The 24th annual NEC Showcase in New York City was both a comprehensive mini trade show and a way for NEC to measure the success of its business partners.

MNEC, Mass Notification, Campus Safety Conference

Last Call for Campus Safety Conference Speakers (That’s You, Emergency Communication Experts!)

Campus Safety is accepting MNEC presenter proposals for next year’s Campus Safety Conference in D.C., Dallas and Los Angeles. Presentations due Nov. 17

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