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AV demographics

A Closer Look at Why CI’s AV Demographics Survey Might Have Offended Those Who Took It

Here’s what should have been included in CI’s demographic survey to get a fuller picture of those who work within the walls of CI World Headquarters.

access control AI integrators

Are You Ready for the Access Control AI Revolution? Because It’s Coming

Risk-adaptive access systems fueled by artificial intelligence can monitor key data points, activity & risk. Consider access control AI now, not later.

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We Asked The Audio Visual Industry Some Personal Questions: Here Are the Results

To better understand the personalities in the audio visual integration industry, we asked some pretty personal demographics questions. Here are the results.

USB Killer

Attack of the USB Killers: Coming to Your Clients’ Classrooms

What are USB Killers, and what does their existence say about the security behind your classroom/higher ed tech installations?

higher ed tech, active learning spaces, VCA Global

The Higher Ed Tech Scene is All About Embracing Active Learning Spaces

Higher ed tech administrators are following the lead of corporate America and shifting away from large, complicated AV to small active learning spaces.

AV industry demographics

This AV Industry Demographics Survey Is Quick, Fun, and Very Personal

We want to know more about who the integration industry actually IS, so we created this quick AV industry demographics survey (be warned, it gets personal).

NSCA BLC, Business & Leadership Conference

Everything You Need to Know About the Business & Leadership Conference (NSCA BLC)

NSCA BLC (Business & Leadership Conference) is an event for AV integrators to get away from the products and get down to what makes their businesses tick.

value added distributor

Choosing a Value Added Distributor: A Comprehensive Guide

AV expert and consultant Alan Brawn provides ten questions to ask a value added distributor and some necessary context to ensure you choose the right one.

Futuresource Video Production

How Video Production and Broadcast Markets will Benefit from AI, According to Futuresource Study

The research company Futuresource says artificial intelligence (AI) will create more opportunities in the worlds of broadcast and video production.

Huddle Spaces

Huddle Spaces Are Leading to Shorter, More Productive Meetings

Research shows meetings in huddle spaces are about two-thirds as long as those in corporate boardrooms and feature one-third more content sharing.