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January 2017: Commercial Integrator

2017 CI: State of the Industry Report

Market optimism exudes from CI‘s annual survey but it’s muddied by a steady stream of disappearing firms. As we enter 2017, the integration market is about the choice between exiting and committing to move forward.

Business Outlook

7th Annual Integration Business Outlook Presented by CI & NSCA

NSCA’s Chuck Wilson and CI’s Tom LeBlanc crunch industry survey results, identify where the industry stands, lay out imposing challenges and lay out strategies for success in 2017 and beyond.

Survey: Contribute to CI’s State of the Industry Report

Take just a few minutes to help CI take the industry’s pulse and participate in research for our annual State of the Industry Report to come in 2017.

8 Apps Engineers Can’t Live Without

From simple apps like TV Screen Size Calculator to more complicated tools like Microsoft OneNote, CI Research unveils what apps designers, programmers and engineers lean on.

Inside the Mind of the Church Tech Director

Research offers valuable insight into how house of worship technology purchasing decisions are made.

Proof that Disengaged Employees Are Dangerous to Your Business

According to a study conducted by PSNI, there is a huge threat to businesses when employees are disengaged, even by a small percentage.

InfoComm Study Unveils What Matters Most to Health Care End Users

InfoComm’s Vertical Markets End-User Perspective Studies shed light on health care trends integrators want to know about.

Stat Round Up: The Data Behind CI Industry Leader Success

A look at a few stand-out data points from our 2016 CI Industry Leader coverage.

The Data Says It All: Here’s What Matters Most to Hospitality End-Users

A small but revealing sample of findings in InfoComm’s Vertical Markets End-User Perspective Studies sheds light on hospitality trends.

The Ugly Truth About Employee Engagement and How to Fix It

With a recent study conducted by Steelcase revealing that 70 percent of employees are disengaged, workplaces need to evolve as their employees evolve, and this means straying away from some traditional workplace designs.