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3 Easy Steps To Deliver Great Conferencing Audio

Learn why beam tracking, mic placement and amp specifications are all critical components of making sure meetings run smoothly with conferencing audio.

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ClearOne Launches 2018 Connections Tour for Integrators Who Can’t Make it to Trade Shows

ClearOne Connections Tour features presentations and demonstrations of ClearOne’s full line of conferencing, collaboration and streaming solutions.

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Why You Should Stay Up-to-Date with Microphone Technology if You Design Meeting Rooms

Exec. at Shure reminds us of how important audio is and explains why microphone technology took the back burner in meeting room technology for so long.

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ClearOne Announces 2018 Professional Audio Conferencing Training Schedule

ClearOne audio conferencing training designed for integrators and programmers who want more in-depth hands-on experiences with company’s CONVERGE products.

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From Flip Charts to Seamless Screen Sharing: Voya Financial’s Giant Collaboration Leap

5 years ago Voya Financial’s go-to collaboration solutions were flip charts. Now Mersive Solstice Pods have revolutionized how the nationwide company communicates.

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There Are 6 Crestron Products on Our List of ‘95 Commercial Technology Products That Define 2017’

With a half-dozen or 6 Crestron products featured, Crestron captures 6% of Commercial Integrator’s 95 Commercial Technology Products That Define 2017.

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15 Most Innovative Meeting Spaces Products: The Best in Room Scheduling, Huddle Room and Conference Room Technology

Crestron, Barco, others make our list of the best room scheduling & collaboration products for huddle rooms, conference rooms, and other meeting spaces.

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QSC AcousticCoverage Ceiling-Mount Loudspeaker Handles Low-Ceiling Environments

For low-ceiling environments such as distance conferencing reinforcement, QSC AcousticCoverage Ceiling-Mount Loudspeaker has 70/100V transformer and 8 ohm bypass.

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3 Questions with Matrox: Quality Streaming is Better for Business

The Matrox Monarch HDX is one example of a product the company designed to help integrators fix common webcasting and streaming issues.

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How Net Neutrality Repeal Affects Meeting Room Technology

Since the FCC voted for net neutrality repeal, most speculation has been about how it will affect streaming, online purchasing, ISP pricing and more – but it’s also likely to impact meeting room technology.