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Juan Carlos Alcázar, CEO of Grupo Covix, alongside his father, Carlos Alcázar Barragán, its founder and president emeritus.

‘The Culture of Effort’: How Grupo Covix Endures and Thrives

As the renowned México City-based integrator marks 40 years of success, its leader reflects on core values that are unchanging.

Hall Technologies IFP Education

Streamlining and Simplifying Education Technology

Hall Technologies’ Nexus Connect product ecosystem empowers education decision-makers to build around an end-to-end, fully accountable vendor partner.

URI classroom with Sony Bravia Displays and projectors

URI Embraces Sony Projectors & Displays For Classrooms and Conference Rooms

In need of an upgrade, URI turned to Sony’s projectors and displays to transform its classrooms and conference rooms.

Xilica x Sennheiser Small Room Kit

Xilica Joins HETMA

As a Gold Partner, HETMA recognizes Xilica as a technology accelerator in higher education through various initiatives.

Poly Studio large Zoom Room, futureproofing technology investment

Futureproofing Technology Investments

Lots of technology was acquired to cope with pandemic-era needs. CI shakes out the trends of how those tools are being leveraged today, and how they will be utilized tomorrow.

Suicide support group speaking in conference room.

How Videoconferencing Assisted Florida-Based Suicide Support Group

Boom Collaboration helped people across the U.S. cope and connect with each other at Suicide Survivor Group, a Florida-based suicide support group.

Person holding phone with Threads app.

Threads: Should #AVTweeps Join or Not?

With the help of Threads, AV integrators and manufacturers can effectively elevate their brand and engage the target audience.

AVI Systems National Sales Meeting Dallas 2023

How AVI Systems Continues to Grow in Stature

AVI Systems cites its partner mindset, tech mastery and problem-solving as key pillars of its pandemic-era growth and ongoing success.

Lumens VC-A51P

Xilica & Lumens Partner on Automated Voice-Based Camera Tracking

The new partnership enables automated, voice-based camera tracking with Lumens’ PTZ cameras for a touchless presentation experience.

transforming the flexible workforce_HDBaseT

Valens, Logitech, Zoom on Flexible Work Trends

CI chats with Valens, Logitech and Zoom on videoconferencing, collaboration and flexible work trends among employers today.