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Yorktel Opens Tokyo Office in Asia Pacific Expansion

The opening of a new office in Tokyo is the latest step in Yorktel’s global expansion, building on successful growth achieved throughout EMEA.

5 Steps to More Engaging Meetings

Inviting the right people, using collaborative tools and reducing delays to the start of a meeting are just a few ways to get employees more engaged in meetings.

Ricoh Brings Mobility to Collaboration with Whiteboard, Conferencing Solution

At 21.5 inches, Ricoh’s Interactive Whiteboard D2200 incorporates video conferencing and supports mobile workspaces.

How the Microsoft HoloLens will Transform the Work World

New Microsoft video demonstrates how businesses could transform through the use of the HoloLens, from designing retail stores to bringing holographic coworkers into your physical world.

10 Apps Salespeople Are Incredibly Thankful For

Sales professionals lean on apps like Google Maps, Salesforce1, Slack and Dropbox to ensure they have access to contacts and information both in the office and while traveling.

Microsoft Selects Whitlock as Launch Partner for Microsoft Surface Studio

Whitlock will be the primary reseller and integrator for the Microsoft Studio, a 28-inch desktop and collaboration device for creative professionals, architects, engineers and executives, and for one-to-two-person collaboration spaces.

Tour Twitter’s High-Tech Headquarters (You’ll Want to Tweet About It)

With help from Thresher Communications and Crestron, Twitter’s headquarters provides employees with a high-tech yet rustic ‘Lodge’ space equipped with an advanced video entertainment and video conferencing system technology.

Webcasting,Twitter Helps Global Education Charity ‘Prepare for Better World’

Yorktel’s teleconferencing technology engaged scholastic communities worldwide and greatly enhanced discussion and social media activity during the Global Education Charity (GEC)’s “Preparing for a Better World” live debate.

BenQ Becomes Exclusive Enterprise Partner for Jamboard

Jamboard, a new 4K team collaboration device from Google, will be available Q1 2017 and aims to transform meetings into an engaging and effective experience.

Virtual Reality, Projection Mapping Scare the Pants Off Kids (and Adults) This Halloween

Halloween is getting even spookier this year as VR, interactivity and projection mapping make its way into haunted houses by Universal Studios and Shocktoberfest.

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