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Conferencing: How Will It Evolve in 2017?

Industry experts share their insights as to where conferencing is headed in 2017, and what integrators will need to know to capitalize on this evolving technology.

How Yorktel Saved Financial Institution Hundreds of Thousands in Videoconferencing Costs

In reviewing the financial institution’s new building plans, Yorktel quickly discovered that it wasn’t prepared with sufficient conduit for new videoconferencing equipment, saving the company hundreds of thousands in extra costs.

9 Learning Space Products Significantly Impacting Education

Innovations such as Epson’s BrightLink Pro interactive projector technology and ViewSonic’s 70-inch Touchpanel have helped increase collaboration and enhance teaching and learning experiences in all levels of education.

2016 Year in Review: 19 Projects You Won’t Want to Miss

Whether it’s due to innovation, unique challenges or simply because of the remarkable photos, here are 19 projects we’re glad we got to cover in 2016.

A Programmer’s Plea to Manufacturers: Give Us Your Code

In order for programmers to effectively do their jobs, manufacturers should make the code needed to program a system readily available.

How Sony Is Making 4K Implementation Easy Across the Commercial Market

Sony is actively supplying the broadcast, medical, education, worship and entertainment industries with Ultra HD education, products and follow-up service.

Tekvox ViewVault Meets Needs of Special Ed Classroom Installations

Texas Senate Bill 507 mandates having video cameras in special education classrooms and other settings that provide special ed services.

Audio-Technica ATUC-50 Makes Mark in Meeting Rooms, Conference Centers

Integrator STR-Miami says system perfect for the live-event production, many other applications.

Prysm Sparks Team Innovation and Collaboration at GE Headquarters

GE implements Prysm technology, including Prysm Visual Workplace into its interim Boston Headquarters and New York City office in an effort to foster innovation and collaboration.

IN STOCK! BookIT® Room Scheduling Solution

Elegant, cost-effective system is directly integrated with MS Exchange™ and Google™ G Suite.

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