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Here’s How You’ll Definitely Lose with Microsoft Surface Hub

Those concerned that Microsoft’s Surface Hub will usurp and then dumb down the video collaboration market are worried about the wrong things.

Video Weekly News: Yes, You Should Care About The Microsoft Surface Hub Shipping

With the shipment of its Surface Hub, Microsoft is making its entry into the A/V space from the IT world, and that’s pretty significant.

How to Create Really Cool, But Still Practical, Workspaces

Technology integrators need to use a little imagination and some forward thinking technology to create workspaces that allow for realtime collaboration.

Surface Hub Is Shipping—and That’s Big News

Many in the industry wondered if Microsoft would ever release its collaboration solution. Now that it’s happened, some want to gloss over it as meaningless.

Should Your UCC Strategy Be to Go Soft?

Unified communication and collaboration clients and manufacturers are increasingly focused on software-based solutions.

ClearOne Mixes Ingredients to Deliver COLLABORATE Pro 900 Media Collaboration Solution

ClearOne’s new media collaboration solutions feature its new Beamforming Microphone Array integrated into its COLLABORATE Pro 900.

Microsoft Starts Surface Hub Shipments

After several delays and questions if it would ever come, IT giant launches much-discussed product.

Is That a Projector in Your Pocket?

InFocus has released two ultra-mobile projectors weighing 3.5 pounds and offering 2,400-lumen output.

Why Almo Pro A/V Is Excited about This Particular 70-inch 4K Display

Sharp 70-inch LC-70UE30U 4K display offers 4K at close to the price of 1080p and can future-proof conference rooms.

Forget the Hype: 6 Real Reasons to Choose (or Not Choose) Laser Projection

There are quantifiable reasons why laser projection may be right for your next project and equally measurable reasons why it may not. We help you decide when laser projectors are the right fit.

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