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7 Industries Being Taken Over by Digital Signage

The digital signage market is set to be worth over $20 billion by 2020. But which industries specifically are seeing the biggest impact?

Eyes Up Here: How to Draw Attention to Workplace Digital Signage

Digital signage is breaking out of its static, ad-only image and becoming a popular medium for company content. It’s inevitable, and it’s coming to an office near you.

Video Weekly News: Investigating Tech Hype, Goodbye External Media Players

Editor Tom Leblanc highlights some of the most popular stories on Commercial Integrator in the past week.

Goodbye, External Media Player: Digital Signage Doesn’t Need You Anymore

An integrator’s case for software-based alternatives to external media servers for digital signage content.

HTML5 Content Creation: What You Need to Know

Learn more about the tools, human resources, potential pitfalls and other issues for capitalizing on an HTML5-based ecosystem to create reliable and engaging digital signage.

Unified AV’s Knoxville Office Opens Video Opportunities

Beyond expanding into Tennessee, integration of Multi-Media Solutions expands Unified AV’s digital signage offerings.

Nominate Digital Signage Projects for DSE’s 2016 Apex Awards

Awards honor excellent digital signage installation and content creation, presented in the same category for the first time.

Generating Revenue Through Digital Signage

Sports venues provide nice examples of how AV is helping to transform every inch of them into revenue machines.

Enplug Updates to 4.0, Presents Public App Market for Digital Signage

Digital signage software firm releases version 4.0 of its digital signage software, which includes a public app market, improved web dashboard and enhanced customization.>

Are We Facing an App Revolution?

When it comes to powering displays, it’s all about apps, according to Tim Albright in a recent episode of AVWeek. >

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