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Super Bowl Stadium Adds LED Ribbons and Lights, Solar Panels, Replay Tech

NRG Stadium in Houston hosting second Super Bowl with digital HD Mitsubishi Diamond Vision video boards and Gefen HDMI video matrix.

Torus Power Prepares Display of Toroidal Isolation Power at ISE 2017

Torus Power shows AVR2 transformers, available in 8 or 16 outlet configurations, at Integrated Systems Europe 2017.

Middle Atlantic Controlled Wall Plate

Middle Atlantic’s Controlled Wall Plate Extends Power, Control

Middle Atlantic Products Control Wall Plate pushes power and control to AV and security devices within a single-gang design and fits standard wall or floor boxes as well as within a partitioned, multi-use box.

How Furman Technology Is Helping Golf Enthusiasts Improve Their Game

In order to keep each of its PGA TOUR golf simulators from losing valuable information such as data on golfers’ swings, aboutGolf leans on Furman by Core Brand’s power management solutions to power and protect each simulator.

Here’s to Whiskey and System Programming Blending Perfectly

You might need a drink before weaving ELAN automation, Samsung displays and Apple TVs into barn-like Garrison Brothers Distillery.

Now Your Crestron Fusion Cloud Can Communicate with 15 Rooms – With No Programming

Crestron AVF Hub Enterprise management bridge for meeting rooms makes it easy to deliver complete Crestron solutions on network to simple rooms.

Altinex’s New 1-In, 3-Out AC Power Distribution Cards Are AV-Friendly

Altinex’s Neutron MT322-105 and MT322-107 Power Distribution Cards for the MT302-201 Digital MultiTasker can be connected to any type of audio-video equipment.

Extron’s Globe-Trotting Flex55 Mounting Solutions Work in North America, Europe, Asia … You Name It

The Flex55 series includes modules, mounting frames and enclosures that work with all standard EU mounting systems.

Panamax Gets Vertical with BlueBolt IP-Controllable Power Management Strip

Core Brands’ Panamax demonstrates a new version of its popular rack-mountable IP-controllable power management system at InfoComm 2016.

Legrand Finds Savings & Sustainability in Alternate Energy Fuel Cells

Legrand’s new 500kW fuel cell system can power up to 88% of the 263,000-square-foot West Hartford, Conn., headquarters and reduce CO2 emissions up to 50%.