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A Venue Reimagined: Daytona Engages Racing Fans with AV

With help from Premier Mounts, over one thousand LCD displays were mounted and deployed successfully at the Daytona Motor Speedway.

Lighting Control: How to Save Energy and Increase Productivity with BACnet Data

Today’s lighting control technology allows data to be collected from intelligent lighting nodes, providing benefits such as immediate initialization and recognition of demand response, individualized task-level lighting control for workspaces and more.

Never Have a Cramped Desk Again With Chief Mounting Solutions

Rob Ziv, business development manager for Almo Professional A/V shares how Chief dual monitor arms helped transform his work area, improving his computer monitor placement and creating much-needed desk space.

From Blizzards to Desert Temperatures, These Enclosures Will Protect Projectors in Any Environment

Tempest’s new G4 range will be unveiled at InfoComm 2016 and is designed to safeguard projectors in any climate.

New Display Technology Is Redefining High-End Visual Entertainment

Sony will highlight a new scalable system for large-scale visual entertainment at InfoComm 2016 that features a black surface area for high contrast, high resolution and immersive visuals.

Burning Man Projection Mapping Show Stays Cool With Tempest Projector Enclosures

Bart Kresa Design employed Tempest projector enclosures to keep projectors from overheating during the Black Rock Desert-based Burning Man festival.

SureCall Force7 Signal Booster Offers Trifecta of Cellular, Wi-Fi and HDTV

SureCall says its new all-in-one solution signal booster for poor indoor cellular and Wi-Fi reception is the first to address all three — cellular, Wi-Fi and HDTV.

Premier Mounts Releases POH46-EX and POH55-EX Dedicated Mounts for Samsung OH-D Displays

The P-Series outdoor mounting solutions can be wall mounted, adapted to ceiling mounted applications and have options to mount in landscape or portrait mode.

AVAD Aims to Offer More Customized Display Solutions With Re-Launch of Planar

Available immediately from AVAD, Planar will provide customers with display solutions such as LED video walls that can be customized to meet the needs of various projects.

Why Integrators Need to Consider Display Mounts in System Design

By incorporating display mounts into system designs, integrators can take advantage of market trends that are emerging in both the corporate and education markets.

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