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Leviton Brings Cloud-Based Security Platform to Commercial Market

Leviton launches entirely new energy management platform for commercial automation, moves into cloud-based architecture for building control.

Middle Atlantic Announces Select Series of UPS Solutions

Middle Atlantic Products introduces new line of uninterruptible power supply solutions.

LED Light Fixtures: No Electrician Required

With intelligent LED lighting from Lumastream, low-voltage integrators should revisit selling lighting at part of a comprehensive technology solution.

Torus Power: Why Europe Needs Power Conditioning

Torus Power showcases TOT, AVR2 and R2 Series at ISE 2015, while seeking to learn from and educate European AV integrators.

Super Bowl XLIX First with All LEDs, Huge Energy Savings Expected

Super Bowl XLIX will be the first to be entirely lit with LED lights, cutting energy usage in University of Phoenix Stadium by 75 percent.

Green Globes Certification vs. LEED: What You Need to Know

Why hasn’t the industry had much success in the ‘smart’ building technology market?

AV integration, union labor, Herman Integration Services

How Big Data Plays a Big Role in Building Automation

What does the new buzzword Big Data mean… and why does it matter?

Blueprint to Breaching the Commercial Automation Market

Learn about the challenges and opportunities with building automation and its integration with security and life-safety systems.

SureCall Fusion7 Signal Booster Enhances Cellphone & HDTV Signals

Patent-pending Fusion7 cell phone signal booster from SureCall enhances up to 4G as well as Wi-Fi and HDTV signals.

Piton Rack Handle Helps to Secure Rack-Mounted Gear

California manufacturer Piton has announced a new accessory to help dealers safely mount a variety of electronics.

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