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Canon, LCOS projectors, REALiS 4K600Z

Canon Expands Line Of REALiS Compact Native 4K Resolution Laser LCOS Projectors

New Canon LCOS projectors are ideal for a variety of markets and applications, including immersive simulations and multi-projection blending.

systems integrator, AV installation, Business Expansion

2 Keys to Systems Integrator Business Expansion

Providing unique solutions and finding strategic partnerships are the keys to expanding the scope of your AV installation services.

biometric payment, AV integrators, Security Directors

What Security Directors Wish AV Integrators Knew

Security Directors at the recent Securing New Ground 2017 conference enjoy contracted AV integrators help but seek to overcome many challenges regardless.

acoustic design, AVI Systems

Better Acoustic Design Isn’t Just for Recording Studios

Acoustic design improves the sound in bars and restaurants, but using pro audio also helps mass notification systems to be heard in a range of environments.

UHD 4K displays, PMA Research, 4K display

4K Display Sales Quadrupled in a Year, According to PMA Research Study

In a newly released report, PMA Research finds sales of 32-inch and larger UHD 4K Displays quadruple in only a year since last August.

digital signage ROI

Explaining Digital Signage ROI Isn’t Easy, But Here Are 8 Ways to Do It

Customers want to know digital signage ROI even before they invest. An expert panel at Total Tech Summit 2017 offers tips on how to articulate digital signage return on investment.

3 Reasons AV Integrators Should Offer Mass Notification Emergency Communications

Codes and proliferation of wide-scale emergencies are driving schools, hospitals and college campuses to add mass notification emergency communications systems.

Cybersecurity, cyber resilience, Carousel Industries AlwaysOn Technology Symposium

How Your Company Can Go From Cybersecurity to Cyber-Resilience

Panel of IT security experts share their insights about increase in cybersecurity concerns during Carousel AlwaysOn Technology Symposium.

Stampede Presentation Products, U.S. Vendor Summit

Stampede Presentation Products Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation at U.S. Vendor Summit

80 vendor partners and 120 attendees joined Stampede Presentation Products in Buffalo, N.Y., to celebrate record-breaking year of sales growth.

Epson EIC Training Tour

Epson EIC Training Tour Kicks Off in Chicago

Epson kicks off its 2017 Epson Integrator Certification (EIC) educational tour on Nov. 1 in Chicago. The four-city tour winds up in Seattle on Dec. 13.

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