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Alexa and Watson Are Taking Over Your Conference Room

As voice control and artificial intelligence devices become more prevalent, how will integrators incorporate them into commercial settings? Watson has ideas

Leyard Planar, LED, MultiTouch, video wall

3 Reasons Why Leyard’s LED MultiTouch Video Wall Won a BEST Award

The Leyard LED MultiTouch video wall won a CI 2017 BEST Award for collaboration solutions. This is what separated it from other applicants.

surecall force5

This is Why SureCall’s Force5 2.0 Won a 2017 BEST Award

The Force5 2.0 from SureCall is a signal booster and remote monitor chosen as the leader in its category by a neutral panel of industry experts.

DCC Technology, Stampede, drones, Fireworks, Drones Replacing Fireworks

Stampede Bringing Drones, VR ‘Live and Local’ in Mobile Showroom

Stampede Live and Local mobile showroom brings emerging technologies to 200-plus spots around the U.S. to help attendees try before they buy.

Gefen, Gefen Connectivity, Macquarie University, Surgical Skills laboratory

Gefen Connectivity Enhances Surgical Lab at Macquarie University

Sydney, Australia-based Macquarie University accomplished its goal to make high-tech system easier to operate — thanks to Gefen Connectivity’s help.

surecall force5

Inside SureCall’s InfoComm 2017 Booth

Designed to increase cellular signal inside of commercial buildings, BEST award-winning Force5 2.0 from SureCall debuted at InfoComm 2017 in Orlando.


Immersive Technology Pavilion Shows Potential for AR, VR and … XR?

InfoComm 2017 shows off use cases for VR, augmented reality and more in AV integration, including live streaming, training and more.

AV Equipment

What AV Equipment Is Cloud-Friendly?

Some components are great fits to connect to your customers’ cloud while others will create problems. Here’s a guide to finding cloud-friendly AV equipment.

Commercial Integrator BEST Awards

The 40 BEST Award Winners of 2017

The seventh annual BEST Awards winners highlight the first day of InfoComm 2017 in Orlando, Florida. See the slideshow for the results.


FSR Listens to Its Customers, Releases Huddle Blox Charging Station at InfoComm

FSR’s InfoComm 2017 booth will focus on infrastructure enhancements, such as wall boxes, under-table wire management, charging stations and more.

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