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escape rooms, AV business, escape room technology

Will AV Integrators Ever Unlock the Escape Room Technology Market?

Escape rooms are tech-filled leisure powerhouses – but why aren’t integrators involved? We examine why your AV business should consider selling to them.

Martin Audio, Big Ben

Martin Audio Offers Solution to Keep Big Ben Chiming

Big Ben, the famous London clock tower, may not chime for a while until repairs are completed. But Martin Audio wants to help keep the famous “Bong” alive.

FSR Huddle BLOX, Charging Station

FSR Huddle BLOX Charging Station Is Now Shipping

Shown at InfoComm 2017, the cool-looking FSR Huddle BLOX Charging Station is now shipping.

Epson, Document Cameras, K-12 classrooms

Back to School: Epson Offers Two HD Portable Document Cameras for K-12 Classrooms

Back to school is as good a time as any for Epson to unveil two HD portable document cameras for K-12 classrooms – Epson DC-07 and Epson DC-13.

FSR, PWB-320, PWB-323, Project Wall Boxes

FSR Offers Open-Style PWB-320 & PWB-323 Project Wall Boxes

FSR says its PWB-320 and PWB-323 project wall boxes are now shipping. The boxes hold connection, AC, and digital media cables for 3- or 4-inch thick walls.

Nureva, HDL300

Why You Should Watch for Nancy Knowlton of SMART Tech and Her New Company, Nureva

Nureva, started by Nancy Knowlton, is a newcomer to the audio conferencing game. But Nancy believes they will soon surpass the competition with the HDL300.

IT clients, IoT, Internet of Things

How to Help Your IT Clients Manage the Burden of Connecting IoT Devices

More devices are connecting to the Internet of Things (IoT) than ever before. How will integrators help IT clients connect?

Courtroom Technology Conference, Revolabs, Connected Justice Consortium, Executive Elite

Revolabs to Tout Executive Elite Line at Courtroom Technology Conference

Revolabs to show how its Executive Elite products supports secure wireless communications in courtroom environments at Courtroom Technology Conference.

HDMI switchers, Key Digital, KD-PRO4x1, KD-PRO2x1

Key Digital Introduces KD-PRO2x1 and KD-PRO4x1 HDMI Switchers

Newly introduced Key Digital HDMI switchers (KD-PRO2x1, KD-PRO4x1)provide HDMI switching solutions for commercial and education applications.

IT, IT directors, AV installers

4 Ways Integrators Can Earn IT Directors’ Trust

Many AV installers struggle to convince IT directors that their solution is the right one for the job. Learn how to win them over.