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ZyCast Partners with Zixi to Launch Live HD Streaming Solution

Targeted at houses of worship and other live events, HDZ-800 facilitates HD video streaming over standard broadband connections at a competitive price.

Trying to Catch the Attention of a C-Suite Executive? Here Are a Few Pointers

In order to get approval for new technology and system funding, integrators need to tie their priorities to larger business goals that resonate with C-suite executives.

3D Projection of Game of Thrones Dragon Is Booed by Crowd in Philly

The 3D animated projection of Denerys Targaryen’s dragon, from the popular HBO series Game of Thrones, was underwhelming for a group of spectators in Dilworth Park, Philadelphia.

Surface Hub Is Shipping—and That’s Big News

Many in the industry wondered if Microsoft would ever release its collaboration solution. Now that it’s happened, some want to gloss over it as meaningless.

Data Doesn’t Lie: Why Every Restaurant Should Consider Digital Signage

Irfan Khan of Skykit takes an in-depth look at the data behind the benefits of digital signage in restaurant settings.

AVerMedia Aims to Make 4K HEVC Delivery, Management Easy

New AVerCaster HEVC RS9260 from AVerMedia is a professional video capture, encoding and streaming solution for OTT and IPTV operators.

ClearOne Mixes Ingredients to Deliver COLLABORATE Pro 900 Media Collaboration Solution

ClearOne’s new media collaboration solutions feature its new Beamforming Microphone Array integrated into its COLLABORATE Pro 900.

WyreStorm Helps Create The Ultimate Sports Bar

The sports bar experience enters a league of its own as WyreStorm teams up with Striders Turf Clublounge, San Diego, California.

Microsoft Starts Surface Hub Shipments

After several delays and questions if it would ever come, IT giant launches much-discussed product.

Is That a Projector in Your Pocket?

InFocus has released two ultra-mobile projectors weighing 3.5 pounds and offering 2,400-lumen output.

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