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Aurora Multimedia’s Power over Ethernet IPX Transceivers Leverage SDVoE

Calling it the first Power over Ethernet enabled products built on AptoVision BlueRiver chipsets, Aurora Multimedia’s IPX Series transceiver use 10G PoE capability to increase AV system deployment flexibility.

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‘Digital Sunset’ Spawns KanexPro’s AV over IP Products

KanexPro’s NetworkAV over IP Extenders line leverages H.264 codec compression, the latest 4K resolutions and appeals to both AV systems designers and IT directors in a post digital sunset era.

How to Build a Lasting Legacy During The Digital Transformation Era

In order to leave a lasting legacy, business leaders in the integration industry must capitalize on the new opportunities technology is providing their businesses and aim to achieve the nine elements of digital maturity.

A Brief 20-Year History of the Independent Programmer

As end-users demand more modernized, adaptable, and cost-effective solutions, the role of control system programmers and software developers will become more essential.

5 Ways the Higher Ed Market Is Evolving

Beyond demand, higher ed students have an expectation of intuitive, interactive technology solutions and integrators are in a position to deliver evolving systems.

Legrand North America Introduces C2G as Newest Associated Brand

C2G helps to expand Legrand’s data communications leadership, build awareness of company in IT channel.

Software as a Service: The Inevitable Move All Integrators Must Make

Software as a service is the latest IT-centric trend to intersect with AV and automation. Learn how intrepid integrators and manufacturers are addressing it.

Exploring the State of AV Standards

There are myriad ways to cobble together technology systems, and pros and cons when considering proprietary and non-proprietary protocols. Integrators’ customers — and their IT department — stand to benefit.

How ConnectWise Can Help You Provide Cloud Services and Support

If cloud services seem too risky, expensive or complicated, ConnectWise offers many resources on how to grow your business as a cloud services provider and reduce cloud complexity.

Avoiding Cyber Attacks: How to Protect Yourself and Your Clients from Falling Victim

Theresa Payton, former chief information officer of the White House, says companies need to choose which digital assets are most valuable, implement a strategy to protect those assets, and rehearse that strategy to avoid digital disasters.