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How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve Your AV Installation Sales Force

Artificial intelligence is a brilliant resource for your sales force. Why don’t more AV installation companies embrace it?

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Worldwide IoT Spending to Hit $1 Trillion by 2020, Says IDC

IoT spending to reach $1 trillion in 2020. Other regions to see new Internet of Things markets, especially manufacturing, utilities and transportation.

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ClearOne Wins Patent for Relating Smart Devices to Internet of Things

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent, Endpoint Parameterization Management of Generic Devices, to ClearOne for relating smart devices to Internet of Things.

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Marriott, Samsung, Legrand Develop Internet of Things (IoT) Guest Room Lab

3 big takeaways from Marriott IoT (Internet of Things) Guest Room Lab which Marriott Innovation Lab developed with Samsung and Legrand.

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Artificial Intelligence Latest Innovation Going from Living Room to Board Room Technology

Artificial intelligence continues to show great promise, but integrators and customers must show great caution when employing it.

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Internet of Things Isn’t New! Why the IoT Call to Action Now?

The AV industry has dabbled in the Internet of Things for more than a decade, but 1) It hasn’t fully capitalized and 2) It needs to own the IoT security risks.

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HP Exec Says 3D Printing, Rapid Urbanization to Determine Future of Systems Integrators

HP says 4th Industrial Revolution will transform cities into markets. So how will systems integrators detangle the web of connected devices and reinvent AV?

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Dish Spent $20 Billion on 5G Spectrum (And AV Integrators Should Pay Attention)

Dish preps for 5G spectrum world where video is transmitted via cellular network, bypassing the Internet. AV integrators pay heed.

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Which ‘Fresh Horses’ Will You Ride to Profit Growth in 2018 and Beyond?

From IoT to AI to VR, Total Tech Summit panelists show there’s no shortage of opportunities for integrators to thrive in AV integration.

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AdMobilize, Ayuda Media Systems Partner to Integrate Artificial Intelligence-based Audience Analytics in DOOH Networks

AdMobilize has partnered with Ayuda Media Systems to provide its DOOH networks with Artificial Intelligence-based audience analytics and reporting capabilities as part of the Ayuda Platform.