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Hilton to Leverage Internet of Things in Some of its 825,000 Hotel Rooms

Hilton aims to leverage the Internet of Things and bring smart technology to some of its 825,000 hotel rooms in 103 countries.

Commuter Trucker Jacket, Smart Sleeve, Levi's

Levi’s and Google Team Up on Smart Sleeve, But Why?

Levi’s denim smart sleeve jacket targets bike riders, carries $350 price tag, includes Bluetooth pairing technology to keep them connected while cruising.

Almo Vendor Awards, Almo E4 AV Tour, Almo Professional A/V, Experience AV, Vendor Awards

Almo Professional A/V E4 AV Tour Streaming on Facebook During NY Stop

Almo E4 AV Tour attendees can see new products and earn prizes by playing the CLICK! app game; portions of IoT Conference to be streamed live on Facebook.

Ticketmaster, mobile ticketing

Ticketmaster Mobile Ticketing Outage Proves Me Right… Again

I’ve resisted the shift to mobile tickets for the sake of souvenirs. Now privacy advocates and those who see through the scheme are on my side, too.

Technology, Extreme Networks Mobility Summit

If You Thought Your Technology Was Smart, You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

As the digital transformation takes hold, we’ll see machines teaching other machines and technology that can anticipate and act.

IT clients, IoT, Internet of Things

How to Help Your IT Clients Manage the Burden of Connecting IoT Devices

More devices are connecting to the Internet of Things (IoT) than ever before. How will integrators help IT clients connect?

PoE+, Netgear, pro switch

24-Port Pro Switch from Netgear Supports PoE+ for Voice, Video, Data

Netgear’s latest Smart Managed Pro Switch offers L2 and L2+/Layer 3 Lite features and PoE+ functionality for converged networks.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Unified AV Systems, Global Caché

Ripley’s Believe it or Not Receives New Control from Global Cache, Unified AV Systems

A component from Global Caché helped Unified AV Systems install modern control capabilities at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! HQ.

Connect ONE

Connect ONE Lets Integrators Provide Leading-Edge Cloud Management Services

Connected Technologies launched Connect ONE cloud-based security management platform in 2008, well ahead of the proliferation of online managed services offerings.

Microchip, employees

Would Your Employees Embed A Microchip In Their Hand For You?

There’s nothing wrong with pushing the boundaries of innovation—except when it means slicing me open and implanting a microchip in my hand so I can stock up on snacks.