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Is AV Ready for the Internet of Things Takeover?

In order to fuel better solutions and stay on the front edge of what customers are looking for, the integration industry is going to need to accelerate its learning pace to understand how AV can properly maximize the power of IoT.

10 Things You Need to Know About AVB/TSN

Graeme Harrison, Biamp’s EVP of marketing explains the ins and outs of AVB/TSN, from its definition to what it means for the pro-AV industry.

IP Meets IoT: Choosing the Right Technology for the Future of Building Automation

As more building owners seek integrated systems that not only increase operating efficiencies but also provide safety measures, it’s up to integrators to deliver the interoperable, future-proof systems that will last.

That Employee Playing Candy Crush Might Be Creating Your Next Profit Center

App and software development may be keys to better management of service contracts and new customer solutions. So be nice to your programmers.

Crestron’s Big News at ISE: Fusion Cloud Software & PinPoint App Integration

Schedule meetings based on room size, equipment needed, previously starred rooms and proximity to users with Crestron Fusion and PinPoint mobile app.

Cisco to Invest $1.4 Billion in Internet of Things Company Acquisition

With its $1.4 billion acquisition of Jasper Technologies, a provider of cloud-based platforms for managing IoT services, Cisco edges closer to providing end-to-end IoT coverage.

Shure Joins Cisco Solutions Partner Program

As a Solutions Partner to Cisco, Shure is able to quickly create and deploy solutions to enhance the capabilities, performance and management to capture the value of Internet of Things.

Forget Wearables: Embedded Technology Gets Under Our Skin

Wearable technology is clunky and awkward. George Tucker examines what’s next on the horizon, devices made to be a part of the human body.

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How Big Data Is Like Teen Dating: Everyone Claims To Be Doing It

Security integrators — plus vendors and service providers — remain puzzled by what to do with all the information and analysis pieces that comprise the big picture of data possibilities.

Is Analytics the Golden Ticket to Managed Services Success?

Let’s do away with guesswork. By collecting better user analytics, integrators can make informed decisions and suggestions to better service clients.