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Lone Star Communications Acquires Halco Life Safety Systems

Deal allows security and critical communications company to joins forces with Houston life safety leader in healthcare.

AV/IT Nevermore, Nevermore

Was the convergence of AV and IT too ambitious of a goal? First we need to think about why companies invest in AV to begin with.

French Police Seek to Block Public Wi-Fi During State of Emergency

It’s not immediately clear how the French government could police the banning of public Wi-Fi in times of national crisis.

23 Integrators Pledge to Tackle These Challenges They Expect to Face in 2016

Industry Leaders know there’s always more work to be done to stay on top. Here, they talk about how they’ll deal with 23 inevitable struggles that come their way in 2016.

Design Better Systems With This Signal Distribution Guide

This guide provides both familiar and new solutions, while addressing newer options within IP-based signal distribution and wireless technology.

VITEC Introduces Video-Streaming Solution for Houses of Worship

Integration with Zixi streaming protocol ensures reliable, high-quality, low-latency HD video signal across multiple campuses using public Internet

Forget Wearables: Embedded Technology Gets Under Our Skin

Wearable technology is clunky and awkward. George Tucker examines what’s next on the horizon, devices made to be a part of the human body.

3 Questions: Zigen Sets the Record Straight About 4K Transmission

Zigen’s Jeff Murray clears up some of the confusion around 4K content including bandwidth, compression, screen size and more.

5 Ways AV Can Become More IT

AV rules the physical space, but if integrators are able to add IT into the mix, the business opportunity is huge and the problem-solving potential is great.

175 IT Pros Sit, Listen to What Atrion Says

IT-centric integration firm Atrion led a conversation with 175 of its customers IT professionals about the role of technology in business and the state of innovation.

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