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5 Ways AV Can Become More IT

AV rules the physical space, but if integrators are able to add IT into the mix, the business opportunity is huge and the problem-solving potential is great.

175 IT Pros Sit, Listen to What Atrion Says

IT-centric integration firm Atrion led a conversation with 175 of its customers IT professionals about the role of technology in business and the state of innovation.

Extron Delivers the End-to-End Video Capture Solution It Said It Would

When Extron acquired Entwine AG it indicated a goal to provide integrators with an end-to-end video capture solution. Now it delivers Entwine EMP.

3 Questions: Matrox Wants You to Think of This and That When Designing 4K Systems

DisplayPort 1.1 vs. DisplayPort 1.2. HDMI 1.4 vs. HDMI 2.0. Compressed vs. uncompressed. Let’s talk 4K distribution decision making.

KanexPro Offers Switching Time of Less than 0.2 Seconds

KanexPro’s new HDMI matrix switchers, HDMX44-4K and HDMX88-4K, are 4×4 and 8×8 with HDCP 2.2 Matrix Switchers with 4K/60Hz.

Z-Band Takes Stock of Video Distribution Learning Curves, Opportunities

Z-Band has big plans for its newly launched IPTV system and it plans to spend 2016 getting AV integrators up to speed.

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How Big Data Is Like Teen Dating: Everyone Claims To Be Doing It

Security integrators — plus vendors and service providers — remain puzzled by what to do with all the information and analysis pieces that comprise the big picture of data possibilities.

Q&A: ZeeVee’s Chris Scurto on Reinventing IP Video Distribution

ZeeVee has some advice for integrators and installers, especially when it comes to what’s on the horizon for AV distribution.

Rise of BYOD Strengthens Cellphone Booster Market

The cellular network is becoming a primary data delivery system, driving the need to seamlessly cross over between Wi-Fi and cellular.

Readers Nominate 12 Impact Products of the Year

Commercial Integrator readers nominated these 12 products that made a significant impact on their business over the course of 2015.

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