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Flashback Friday: 7 Spooky Technologies (Still?) Frightening CIs

One year ago, AVB, HDBaseT, 4K, and wireless video were giving installers and manufacturers the willies. What has changed in 2014?

Western Digital Expands Purple Line of Surveillance Hard Drives

WD’s newly announced 6TB Purple hard drive is designed to support data-rich applications such as security and Internet of Things (IoT).

10 Cable Commandments of the HDBaseT Installer

HDBaseT Alliance shares rules to live by when installing and utilizing HDBaseT cables.

My Response to the AV Industry: Wake Up!

David Danto wants to clarify a few things about speaking AV, IT, and the future of the industry.

An IT Guy’s Guide to ‘Talking Legacy AV’

An IT consultant provides a sometimes serious, sometimes tongue-in-cheek glossary for IT guys who need to ‘speak AV.’

Accell DisplayPort Hub Compliant with Microsoft Designed for Surface (DFS) Program

UltraAV DisplayPort 1.2 MST Hub is a video accessory designed to increase workflow productivity.

Mission Critical 411 on Control Room Integration

Integrators with long histories in this space discuss how projects and customer demands are different than others.

Submit Questions for Our Wiki-Webinar on HDBaseT and AVB

You send the questions. We ask them to AVNu and HDBaseT Alliance folks. Simple as that.

Top 10 Dante-Enabled Products

Check out 10 key products that have received the increasingly important Dante touch.

An AV Guy’s Guide to ‘Talking IT’

This quick glossary of IT terms will at least help AV integrators demonstrate some basic network knowledge when speaking to their clients’ CIOs and IT directors.