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StarTech RAID Enclosure Utilizes Thunderbolt 2

The newly announced Thunderbolt 2 RAID Enclosure provides network users a four-bay solution that incorporates the state-of-the-art Thunderbolt connectivity platform.

Vanco HDMI Adapters Provide Convenience & Stress Relief

Vanco’s new HDMI right-angle adapters support 4k, 3D and HD at data speed transfer rates up to 18Gbps.

Streaming Live, High-Quality Aircraft Footage to Off-Site Aviation Gallery

Amara International and Matrox Maevex enable high-quality, low-bandwidth streaming of 1080p60 camera footage to educational air traffic control exhibit more than a mile away.

HDBaseT Alliance Installer Expert Program Approved for InfoComm RUs

Cross-industry alliance has been named an official InfoComm International Renewal Unit (RU) Provider.

AVnu Alliance Adds Industrial Focus

New capability gives consumers a gateway to possibility of Internet of Things.

Kramer VS-211HA Switcher Automatically Senses HDMI Signal

Kramer’s VS-211HA switcher senses HDMI signals instead of the standard 5 volts to enable it to switch to sources that are actually in use.

Q&A: Atlona’s Ilya Khayn Talks AV Distribution

CI speaks with Ilya Khayn, co-founder and CEO of Atlona, about the importance of reliability and 3rd party compatibility, sales tips and tactics, and where dealers get tripped up on installs.

Q&A: Matrox Graphics’ Ron Berty on Signal Distribution Options

Matrox Graphics Inc.’s business development manager weighs in on integrators’ signal distribution options, IP networks and hybrid solutions.

Internet of Things: Boom or Bust for Business?

As the amount of ‘connected’ equipment and devices continues to grow, commercial integrators must understand how they can leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) versus more narrowly focused competitors.

Readers Nominate 29 Impact Products of the Year

Commercial Integrator readers nominate 29 products that made a significant impact on their businesses during the past year.

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