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Inside Chicago Police’s Tech Strategy for Arming Officers with Real-Time Information

Crime Prevention Information Center at the Chicago Police Department headquarters uses Crestron DigitalMedia to distribute mission-critical information to deployed officers.

Why Wireless Duress Systems Beat Out Hardwired Fixed Systems

Faster installation is one important benefit of wireless panic alarms, but there are several others.

SIA Offerings Emphasize Value for Integrators

Security Industry Association to continue to provide legislative advocacy, research metrics, education courses and webcasts, executive conferences and more to aid integrators.

Georgia Schools to Spend $5M on Emergency Alert System Upgrades

Gwinnett County school system to designate $5 million to enhance emergency alert systems at county and Buford City schools.

Drones & Surveillance: The Benefits Far Outweigh the Risk to Privacy

Strategic alliance between Stampede and Unmanned Vehicle University helps pro AV dealers educate clients on drone use and safety.

Campus Safety Webinar: Mobile Duress & Automatic Mass Notification

Campus Safety Magazine presents a free webcast in conjunction with Status Solutions on how to utilize mobile duress to respond to campus emergencies.

Social Media’s Impact on PSIM, Mass Notification

Physical security information management (PSIM) and facial recognition technology will soon rely on social media to help improve safety and security.

Resolving the Hidden Vulnerability in Security Systems

The security industry is being told that uninterruptible power supply battery back-up provides 100% coverage against power issues. Not so fast.

ISC West 2015 a ‘Very Good Year’ for Open Standards

Public demonstration of the OSDP spec, release of a free test tool, and a successful PlugFest event during ISC West point toward wider adoption.

SIA to Provide Unique Certification Exam at ISC West

Certified Security Project Manager (CSPM) exam to be available at convention location for large numbers of security practitioners in Las Vegas.

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