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3xLOGIC Video Management System

YMCA Enhances its Security with 3xLOGIC Video Management System

YMCA’s multi-phase security system project includes video surveillance, fire and intrusion upgrades featuring 3xLOGIC video management system.

Nureva Console

Nureva Console Available for Remote Monitoring and Audio Systems

Nureva’s cloud-based platform, Nureva Console, enables device management from anywhere and reduces IT visits to meeting spaces.

i-PRO AI security cameras

i-PRO’s AI Security Cameras Allow for Analytics

i-PRO X-Series AI security cameras allow for analytical applications on the network to optimize bandwidth and storage requirements for the units.

video management software, 3VR Prime Identiv

3VR Prime from Identiv is a Subscription-Based VMS

Video management hardware and software system-as-a-service — 3VR Prime from Identiv — said to feature no upfront equipment or software costs.


ONVIF Begins Open Source Development for IP-Based Security Products

ONVIF says the Use of GitHub, an online open source dev platform, will allow for easier contribution and collaboration for physical security products.

AVIXA Research

AVIXA Research Predicts Global Pro AV Will Drop to $239B in 2020

After hitting a peak of $259 billion in 2019, coronavirus pandemic leading to significant decline in 2020 and long-term revenue projections.

Direct Supply at-risk human perimeter system

At-Risk Human Perimeter System Keeps Senior Residents Safe

Direct Supply monitoring solution features video surveillance, intercoms, and an at-risk human perimeter system at senior care facility.

axis communications

Why AXIS Communications is Different in the Audio, Video, & Analytics Space

AXIS Communications ties IP video with IP audio & analytics in one comprehensive system. Learn more about the company in this edition of CI 3 Questions.

Workplace Post-lockdown

Here’s What the Workplace Could Look Like Post-Lockdown

Companies should expect to see new technology, physical changes and a flexible remote work culture when workplace reopen post-lockdown.

video surveillance systems installation tips

Installation Tips for Video Surveillance Systems

Whether you are new to installing video surveillance systems or have been at it for years, these installation tips are great to keep in mind.