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ET Group

Complaining about Status Quo Vs. Grumbling about ET Group Doing Something Unique

Which is it? I can’t figure out why we’re always worried about changing, but it’s also curious to me that when someone tries something different, competitors pile on.

ET Group, AV Business

4 ET Group Policies That Will Shock Traditional AV Business Leaders

AV business leaders: have you recently considered how to run your company better? Perhaps you can take a cue from how ET Group treats employees.

Unified Technology Systems

Here’s Proof There’s No One Clear Path to Success in Pro AV

Unified Technology Systems has retained some old-school thinking as it looks toward the future. Others in the integration space are smashing convention.

Commercial Integrator’s 18 Fast-Growing Firms

CI’s list of fast-growing firms reflects companies of all different sizes and market focuses.

40 Influencers Under 40, CI, AV technicians, AV industry

Rising Stars in the AV Industry: The 2018 CI 40 Influencers Under 40

5th annual CI 40 Influencers under 40 features more AV technicians, bosses, consultants, programmers & more that make the AV industry a brighter place.

USAV Group, KC Schwarz, pro AV

K.C. Schwarz Leaves Impressive Legacy As He Retires from USAV Group

USAV Group moves into the future without K.C. Schwarz but members and former colleagues will never forget what he did for them. Neither will I.

CTI, Conference Technologies, John Laughlin

Why the Industry Loves John Laughlin (And What Integrators Can Learn from the Way He Leads Conference Technologies)

John Laughlin of Conference Technologies (CTI) is lauded by AV industry peers for his leadership and excellent business practices.

Audio Visual Company of Hawaii, AVCO, the audio visual company hawaii

VP of Sales at Audio Visual Company of Hawaii (AVCO) Didn’t Have Any Pro AV Sales Experience Before He Took the Job

Military training & a strong mentor gave Kaleo Lee what he needs to lead Audio Visual Company of Hawaii (AVCO), which he bought from his dad 30 years ago.

Lone Star Communications

Lone Star Communications Fights Aging With Customer Experience & Recurring Revenue

As management ages and recurring revenue grows more important, Lone Star Communications finds new skills to lead in health care, education markets.