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Fast-Growing Firms, AV firms

Fast-Growing Firms Don’t Have to Be the Industry Giants. Do You Qualify?

CI will highlight some of the AV firms that are finding success in unique ways and on a successful path that’s reflected in their growth.

AV recruiting, HireSparks

HireSparks Connects Talented and Eager Candidates with Companies Looking to Excel

Senior AV recruiting manager Carlos Hernandez talks about how AV integrators, manufacturers and distributors can find the next members of CI 40 Under 40.

AV industry, 40 CI Influencers Under 40 2019

The AV Industry’s Rising Stars: 40 CI Influencers Under 40 Class of 2019

Our sixth annual edition of 40 CI Influencers Under 40 in the AV industry & IT world has a few changes, but there’s no shortage of young talent yet again.

SVT AV, Josh Shanahan

Inside the SVT Family Business Model and Josh Shanahan’s Vision for its Future

Led by NSCA president Josh Shanahan, SVT is now in its third generation of family ownership —with a fourth generation possible down the road.

Ford AV

5 Things Integrators Can Learn from Ford AV, Our 2018 Integrator of the Year

There are plenty of lessons your integration firm can learn from 45-year-old Ford Audio-Video, started in 1973 and still run by Jim and Claire Ford.

Economy, BLC 2019, NSCA

NSCA Announces Keynote Lineup for BLC 2019 in Tampa

Business & Leadership Conference BLC 2019 lineup includes Ryan Estis, Dennis Snow, David Ricketts, Michele Gay, Tim Sanders, Colleen Francis & Chris Kuehl.

ET Group

Complaining about Status Quo Vs. Grumbling about ET Group Doing Something Unique

Which is it? I can’t figure out why we’re always worried about changing, but it’s also curious to me that when someone tries something different, competitors pile on.

ET Group, AV Business

4 ET Group Policies That Will Shock Traditional AV Business Leaders

AV business leaders: have you recently considered how to run your company better? Perhaps you can take a cue from how ET Group treats employees.

Unified Technology Systems

Here’s Proof There’s No One Clear Path to Success in Pro AV

Unified Technology Systems has retained some old-school thinking as it looks toward the future. Others in the integration space are smashing convention.

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