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Christie’s Version of Rocky II, III and IV Feature 2K Resolution

A year after successful launch of its Boxer 4K30 with 4K resolution, Christie announces Boxer 2K20, 2K25 and 2K30.

Hundreds of IP Cameras, One Single Video Wall

As IP camera use increases, their utility for purposes such as safety monitoring, industrial operations monitoring, traffic monitoring and general situational awareness increases as well.

4 Reasons Projectors Win Over Flat Panel Displays

Projector sales are alive and well. Here are four instances when your client may need and even prefer a projector over a flat panel display or video wall.

Smart Signage, Custom Content and Mobile: Top Content Management Trends of 2016

It is important to get ahead of digital platform demands as technology and software advances continue to grow in favor of the consumer and business owner.

ISE 2016: Panasonic Set to Unveil Large Venue 20,000 Lumens Projector

Panasonic also plans to introduce its new System on Chip solution, enabling any third party software to be easily installed on Panasonic display screens.

Prehistoric Disney T-Rex Café Gets Modern AV, Control System

Zanim8tion provides AV Stumpfl control system, Digital Projection projectors for the ultimate dining experience.

AVI-SPL Expands Virtual Meeting Room to Canada, Europe and Australia

New capabilities mean calls will be routed to VNOC that’s closest to user rather than bouncing it to U.S.

How to Sell Class Capture Technology at College Campuses in 3 Easy Steps

Class capture is a great way to collect students to education and broaden the reach of college campuses. Here’s how to convince the faculty to sign on.

Video Wall Solution Delivers 6K Content in Real Time Over Ethernet

Userful 8.5 video wall controller can support up to 60 displays with up to 6K resolution source content in real time over a standard Ethernet network.

Inside Celebrity Chef Richard Blais’ New SoCal Restaurant, Complete with ELAN Control

The Crack Shack needed a robust security system since the outdoor, open-air venue had no doors, windows or even walls. The final result is a custom-designed automation system centered around ELAN Entertainment and Control.

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