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Partner Pledge

SnapAV Launches Partner Pledge to Enhance Dealer Experience

SnapAV Partner Pledge includes promises related to product quality, partner support and the entire purchasing experience.

How PPDS Bundles Their Display Products to Benefit Integrators

Philips Professional Display Solutions (PPDS) joins us for another episode of CI 3 Questions — this time, to tell us what is unique about their digital display offerings.

Barco webinar, video wall project

Challenges Ahead for the LED Display Market

In another episode of CI 3 Questions, we are joined by Barco to talk about post-COVID challenges ahead for the LED display integration community.

Houston Cougars

Houston Cougars Engage Fans with Christie On-Court Projection Mapping Experience

Quince Imaging installs suite of Christie products, including 3DLP projectors, Mystique, a Pandoras Box server and a Terra AV-over-IP system.

Workification, home office networks

What Role Pro AV Integrators Play in the ‘Workification’ of Home Offices

Home-based networks aren’t just a temporary solution now. AV integrators play a critical role in helping employees and protecting companies.

Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse LG Displays

Video Wall Considerations: Lobby vs. Conference Room

Dan Smith of LG Professional joins us for another episode of CI 3 Questions — this time, we’re exploring the different considerations for different types of corporate video walls.

AVIXA logo

AVIXA Pro-AV Business Index Shows Impressive Growth in Sales, Stability in Employment

AVIXA Pro-AV Business Index reaches 2019 levels on sales and continues slow growth in employment as economic recovery continues.

Sharp NEC Display Solutions Ltd.

NEC’s Take on the Future of Digital Signage

Sharp/NEC joins us to discuss how digital signage can be used to encourage customers to re-enter spaces which were restricted this year.

What Markets Benefit Most from DVLED?

Brian McClimans, Peerless-AV joins us for another edition of CI 3 Questions to discuss popular markets for DVLED and where the technology is best-used.

CEO of NanoLumens Shares Thoughts on LED in 2021

Ney Corsino, president and CEO of NanoLumens joins us for another episode of CI 3 Questions to discuss his opinion of the LED tech market in 2021.