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Known for its wide-ranging LCD displays, Samsung is moving forward with providing large-scale LED boards for a variety of applications and budgets, in part thanks to its recent acquisition of Utah-based Yesco Electronics. “Right now Samsung is in the LED business. We did a make or buy decision, we decided to do both,” says Ed Stock, global account management, enterprise business team, visual display group. So, Stock says, Samsung made a 1.15, 1.5, a 2.0 and 2.5 mm pitch LED for indoor use; Samsung bought half of Yesco, the half that makes displays – “they do everything from 3 mm indoor and outdoor.”

Right now Stock’s group is concentrating on stadiums and arenas, in the wheelhouse of illustrating Samsung’s effort to provide integrators with virtually every kind of display. “You think about a $20 million stadium or arena, LED is 60 percent of it,” he says. “So this just expanded our growth in what we can do in those areas. You’ve got airports that can use LEDs, arenas, advertising …” Samsung won’t do the install, but will help the integrators and customers make decisions regarding large displays. The Yesco wall at Samsung’s booth was showing pixel pitches for Jumbotrons, highway billboards and more; additionally, Yesco will help with content if a customer wants it managed and can also log-in to the screen and run diagnostic tests on the panels to ensure they’re working properly.

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