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Bose Professional

Bose had the designation “NEW” splashed throughout its booth at InfoComm, offering audio solutions to cover a range of installation possibilities. For instances where installers need to consider getting multiple usages out of one loudspeaker setup, Bose has you covered with its new F1 Model 812, which features a flexible baffle design, vertically oriented driver array, bi-amplified design, two input channels and maximum SPL rating of 132dB. It’s the flexible baffle design that may intrigue integrators the most, as they can configure the array into four unique shapes to produce four different patterns to optimize sound coverage appropriate to whatever the installation may call for – straight, C pattern, J pattern and reverse J. There’s even and F1 app and multiple videos on Bose’s website, as well as its Facebook page, for further education and demos of the system.

“As you adjust, the EQ changes based on the pattern, both the top and bottom move in and out so you create the pattern you want based on the performance,” says Diane Koziel, director of sales and marketing. “So if a DJ’s going in on a stage, he’s going to probably use the J pattern or if he’s at a wedding he might use the straight level, as an example. It’s got a ton of flexibility, and it’s an active loudspeaker.” So the system is ideal for portable usages with bands and mobile DJs, K-12 and higher ed markets, houses of worship, big corporate presentations, hospitality venues and more.

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