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For an all-in-one speaker system that lets you adjust the equalization of each speaker via IP, with compatibility to any CobraNet-enabled system, and wire conveniently over Cat 5/6 it’s tough to beat SoundTube’s IP Series. Other highlights of the ST-NET system include proprietary 40 watts PoE to each speaker from the rack-mountable 16-port switch and rack-mountable power supply, plus two gigabit ports for linking switches and control gear and a WAN port for connection to an outside network, according to the company. The individual EQ interface lets the installer take into consideration the location of each connected in-ceiling or surface-mount speaker when designing sound coverage, as well as the ability to easily tweak the sound should certain elements change in a room or throughout zones. During InfoComm, SoundTube showed how it made the system, now employing a master/secondary speaker setup, even more installation friendly.

“In the past, each speaker had its own run of Cat 5 from the switch, now what we’ve done is we’ve run one Cat 5 cable to the master speaker (IP-4 CM62-BGM) and then you can hook up three more CM62-BGM speakers,” says Ken Hecht, VP of R&D for parent company MSE Audio. In that configuration, the installer can make adjustments to delay, high/low pass, parametric EQ, etc., to all four speakers at once. “You still get all the same control and the same monitoring. … The big selling features of the system are the Cat 5 route; and the flexibility, so let’s say you’re in an open area and have zones set up and all of a sudden the building gets sold or someone comes in and says let’s remodel, you don’t have to rewire anything all you do is go in and reroute [from the software] … it’s infinitely reconfigurable and they can do that on the fly.”

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19 Dealer-Friendly Difference Makers at InfoComm