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Alto Professional

Looking to add a little visual pizzazz to your audio installations? For events, mobile installs, DJs, AV rental and staging setups and more integrators can bring some bling to the audio party with what is, according to Alto Pro, the first pro loudspeaker with integrated LED lighting. Part of the company’s popular TrueSonic Series, the TSL115 basically adds the LED capabilities to Alto’s TS115A 800-watt, 15-inch active speaker.

The circular around-the-woofer LED array presents a show featuring five customizable lighting modes (mood, meter, mix, pulse and party); brightness control that allows integrators to adjust or disable LEDs; and custom color control to change the mix of red, green and blue lighting. Look for these speakers in the fall at $499 apiece. There’s also a demo mode that automatically shows off these lighting operations for dealers to wow customers. “Events, mobile DJs, somebody has something they’re doing where they don’t want to haul all their intelligent lighting something like this is great,” says Jay Schlabs, executive director of parent company inMusic. “Here with all the AV rental companies that are in this building, I have so many of them [interested in this].”

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