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Audio clarity can make or break a conference, but sometimes microphones can be intrusive or simply can’t handle the desired coverage space. ClearOne’s Beamforming Microphone Array is the industry’s first professional-grade mic array with beamforming and adaptive steering technology, according to the company, plus it features proprietary next-generation Acoustic Echo Cancellation. It’s also an ideal solution if you need to provide a concealed or unobtrusive product that still delivers crystal-clear audio, thanks to 24 incorporated microphone elements that ClearOne says steer pickup patterns toward participants and reject unwanted noise and reflection, and essentially perform the same task of 10 traditional microphones with twice the pickup range.

“All of our processing is on the microphone – it has our Acoustic Echo Cancelling chip on here, our DSP processing chip on here, and it has a global positioning chip because it can either be ceiling, wall or tabletop mounted,” says Rick Stanley, vice president of pro voice & AV distribution. “It powers by PoE – USB’s the future – and then it links in and links out, so you’re able to hook up three of these on one processor. … We’re doing firmware updates on this all the time, and what we just added in a feature in the wall-mount mode that we can do a left, center and right configuration so you actually have the capability of taking that information and tie it to like a Visca camera control and know who in the room is talking so the camera’s on a preset and – oh, left’s talking, bingo, and it’s got a preset to go there.”

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19 Dealer-Friendly Difference Makers at InfoComm