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In celebrating the company’s 35th anniversary, FSR had a host of solutions in its booth for handling installation scenarios “from the ground up” that integrators who’ve wired up through floors into walls and ceilings and throughout various room types can relate. One much-requested item the company hears about from integrators is for a rugged wall box that can pass muster with fire codes. The solution FSR was showing at InfoComm, among its other floor and wall boxes, was the fire-resistant PWB-FR-450 wall box. The company says the PWB-FR-450 is intended for use in applications where a one- or two-hour fire rating may be required and provides multiple infrastructure mounting solutions. So integrators can rest assured that wiring and connectors will be safe from smoke, flames and heat up to 800 degrees. “When we came out with the fire-rated floor boxes, our customers said, ‘We need that for the wall,'” notes Chaz Porter, regional sales manager.

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19 Dealer-Friendly Difference Makers at InfoComm