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Premier Mounts

Premier showed a wealth of fascinating mount solutions during InfoComm (for much more, click here) including the Symmetry Series, which is aimed at installers that need an efficient, repeatable solution especially for multisite work. It has an extruded aluminum interface bar, with L brackets that can slide along the interface bracket so you can find where the studs are, or slide it to suit the needs of the client, instead of being beholden exactly to the studs for placement, says Pansy Leo, VP marketing. Display brackets click in place; and XYZ adjustments are at the top for flexibility.

“We did a time study, we did a side-by-side installation using this wall-mountable installation and we did an installation with individual single-mount displays and found that we can save 40 percent installation time just by using the Symmetry series, so that’s a big selling point, especially for multisite deployments,” she says, which are especially applicable now in the QSR restaurant industry where menu boards must show calorie labels and franchises are scrambling to install digital boards.

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19 Dealer-Friendly Difference Makers at InfoComm