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Middle Atlantic Products

Conference rooms and huddle spaces need technology, but for many clients it’s also important that such technology get in the way. Middle Atlantic’s L5 Series Lectern allows for more tech options that are also well concealed, since one of its roles is to hide an equipment rack inside. “It goes to that concept of ‘rack on the inside and furniture on the outside,’ and we put the expensive wood finish on the outside,” says PR manager Rebeca Villareale.

The sleek L5 comes in various work surface width sizes, that underneath can house one or two 12RU rack bays, a tower PC, etc. According to the company, other features include a steel frame that quickly ships assembled and ready to integrate; open frame design with built-in power, cooling and cable management provisions; and slant top version with Presenters Panel, connectivity and accessory panels, including options for various AV connections and knockouts for microphone, light and table device mounts.

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19 Dealer-Friendly Difference Makers at InfoComm