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Power specialist ESP/SurgeX rolled out for InfoComm 2015 its Axess Manager mobile power monitoring and management system that the company says pairs with every IP-enabled device on a network, including SurgeX’s Axess, Axess Elite and Axess Ready products to provide a powerful smart energy management system. While SurgeX integrators were already used to the dashboard type of remote monitoring and management user interface, a mobile app rollout for Axess Manager also now puts that power in the palm of the hand – not total functionality, but a solid base from which to perform many of the remote power functions. A single admin username and password allow addition or access to devices on the network, plus activating/deactivating.

“We’ve added this mobile device, so now, like everything that’s here at the show we’re able to go on and get diagnostics,” says president Shannon Townley. “We’ve done a lot of studies and we find 70 percent react to their customer demands more in real-time. Obviously this is not going to give you the same functionality sitting at a desktop from a management interface standpoint; but the biggest thing it does, and the biggest thing we hear from integrators is, seven times out of 10 if I could just recycle the power I can fix the problem.”

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