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“If you have a conference room and you can only connect to another conference room of the same type, you’re not going to get a lot of use out of it,” says BlueJeans product marketing manager Jeff Beckham, in explaining the company’s efforts within the collaboration space, “so we started down that road and eventually what we realized is that there’s more there as people wanted to connect in more ways, they really liked the service because it was easy and could connect to different things. And also they were able to replace some of their infrastructure costs and some of the hardware that they were buying – so a hardware bridging unit could cost six figures potentially, and we’re coming in at a tenth, a quarter of the price to do the same kind of things.” BlueJeans replaces the bridging and adds in transcoding to have everything in the collaboration chain talk the same language, so to speak.

The company has expanded its cloud solution by adding more connection options, supporting more browsers, adding a desktop app, supporting more mobile … and also from supporting video conferences to supporting actual meetings,” Beckham says. One interesting way end users can capitalize on BlueJeans’ efforts to allow people to connect through virtually whatever their own platform is, companies can analyze Endpoint Distribution data from ongoing and historical meeting reports to figure out how employees are connecting as well as any kind of network issues they may be experiencing in their specific systems (users get ratings that, for example, if one continually shows up as ‘poor’ would provide a good indication that the connection is suffering in some way).

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