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Clary Icon

Many companies were putting their spin on trying to make collaboration as easy as possible and encompass as many different types of devices as possible. Clary Icon’s OneScreen solution has been out, but new for the show the company was demoing its new user interface, which is currently in beta mode. The slick solution can incorporate the screen itself for potential whiteboarding and annotating and Clary Icon has new display sizes of 58, 70, 84 and 90 inches as well as a 20-inch desktop version.

“We’re offering a unique value proposition in this segment, complete turnkey solutions to the customers,” says CEO Sufian Munir. “So we’re taking the hardware, we’re taking the software, we’re taking the customer support, we’re taking the cloud-based presence and integrating that together to provide a seamless experience to the end user who wants to have a productive meeting; and giving that access to all of the data, all of the tools, all of the contacts that they have across all the different platforms.” One aspect attractive to end users is the centralized contact area you can see which platforms a particular contact is available (if Skype is ‘green’ in status, that’s where the contact is, for example). From the single interface, up to 99 participants can be part of a meeting and join from various open platforms.

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19 Dealer-Friendly Difference Makers at InfoComm