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40 CI Influencers Under 40: Class of 2015, slide 3

Jeremy Caldera | 34

Lead Audiovisual Design Engineer at Zdi | @Jeremy_caldera and @zdisi

Jeremy has become a rising star of sorts in the AV industry lately, earning the 2015 InfoComm Young AV Professional award and taking charge of an internship opportunity that brought in fellow honoree Stanton Helms for a year through a one-year InfoComm International student grant program.

In four years at Zdi and nine at Thompson Electronics Company, he became part of the elite group of dual certified CTS-D/CTS-I holders. Along with volunteer instructing for InfoComm, Jeremy is an instructor at Columbia College Chicago, where he developed and teaches the new Audiovisual System Design course, the first in the nation taught at a four-year institution. He is the CTS-D representative on the InfoComm Certification Steering Committee and moderator for the new InfoComm/ANSI Standard discussion and development.

He exudes passion for the industry that does not cease and his mentorship continues to help AV professionals and those aspiring to become them. In addition to achieving his own certifications, he is always encouraging colleagues and friends in the industry to do the same for themselves.

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40 CI Influencers Under 40: Class of 2015