40 CI Influencers Under 40: Class of 2016, slide 36

Shawn Michael Colarusso, General Manager at Verrex, @verrex | 37

Lou LoSapio, Fabrication Supervisor at Verrex | 36

From entry-level AV technician 19 years ago, Shawn excelled at increasingly senior roles in the industry until culminating in his executive position as the company’s Boston location GM. True business practicality and technical expertise have made him a role model for its next leadership generation.

New-to-AV staff have found a mentor in Lou. Teaching the art of rack fabrication, he’s given rookies new career paths and passion for their future. Familiar with the challenges of entering an unfamiliar industry, Lou started in AV from scratch five years ago, and has spent the past two helping mold Verrex’s newest stars.

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40 CI Influencers Under 40: Class of 2016