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Planar’s 4K UltraRes Touch Display

Newest UltraRes digital signage display from Planar is a 98-inch screen with 4K resolution and up to 32 simultaneous touch points. The display can be controlled with the UltraRes iOS app that allows the user to change sources and switch between viewing modes.

Pull images/video feeds across the screen and use two-point simultaneous touch to enlarge specific tiles. It’s easy to operate and the user interface seemed clear, even instinctual, to understand.

“Planar has been first to market with a variety of new 4K display solutions, and the Planar UltraRes 98-inch Touch represents another industry milestone,” says Becky Connors, product marketing manager at Planar. “With its multitouch support, enhanced durability and sleek design, the display sets the bar for interactive commercial experiences, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to offering the best in 4K technology.”

More on the 4K UltraRes Touch here.

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