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Choosing the Right Video Wall for Your Workplace

It’s becoming ever more clear that path forward for the modern workplace is a hybrid model. Employees will likely be splitting their time between a remote office and the company’s office space. As a way to bring folks back into the corporate office, now is the perfect time to invest in your technologies. Once confined […]

The 2021 Class of 40 Under 40 is Here!

Introducing the 2021 class of CI’s 40 Professionals Under 40! Each year Commercial Integrator highlights 40 integration professionals under 40 years old making an impact in their organizations.

Help Businesses Bring Employees Back to the Office

As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving work landscape, the hybrid office model is becoming more and more pervasive. In Commercial Integrator’s recent Hybrid Work Deep Dive Survey, it was found that 45.3% of integrator respondents said they have customers that plan to have employees work remotely 2-3 days per week and in the office […]

Communications Security and Simple, User-Friendly Systems

As the number of “bad actors” increases each day with more and more cyber-attacks, it’s becoming increasingly clear to organizations that they need to find secure ways for their employees to access their networks. Doing this creates more barriers for cybercriminals to take hold of your organization’s data. However, implementing these types of systems is […]

2021 Hybrid Work Special Report

One of the lasting impacts of the pandemic will be ongoing hybrid work environments. While some companies are headed back in the office, it is clear that a good number of employees will continue to spend at least part of the week at home.

Increase Customer Satisfaction & Save Money with a Smart Maintenance System for IT Infrastructure

It is common that when an IP-enabled device fails or is “frozen”, the user has to manually power cycle or reboot the device to resume normal operations. When you are just doing this manually, there are significant impacts to your business that arise when the network goes down. These could include lost business reputation, lost […]

2021 CI Buyer’s Guide

CI’s annual guide of who’s who in commercial integration solutions is now available. The 2021 Buyer’s Guide makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for. The Category Index sorts providers by product and service types while our A-Z Vendor list provides contact information for each of these companies. Product and service […]

A Look at Distance Learning in 2021 and Beyond

We surveyed our audience and spoke with experts in higher education and K-12 technology implementation to learn how schools and universities are handling distance learning in the years to come.

Tech Installation Tips for Common AV Verticals

While every job is different, there are definitely some specific quirks to common systems integration vertical markets which separate them from other jobs. You wouldn’t expect to run into the same problems for, say, an LED video wall installation as you would for a projection mapping job.

Get the Latest on Indoor Display Evolution

The LED display industry is constantly evolving, and with this continued development, LED displays are becoming viable options for more and more types of applications. From outdoor to indoor… from 2D to 3D, and now even to XR.