2018 AV Networking Special Report

This new research report offers what you need to know about AV networking options HDBaseT, SDVoE, and AVB so you can make the best decisions for your clients.

HDBaseT, SDVoE, AVB — there are no shortage of acronyms and AV networking paths for AV integrators to follow. Our exclusive research report, the “2018 AV Networking Special Report,” should help wrap your head around which networking options are right for your customers.

In terms of AV networking connectivity standards, there’s:

  • HDBaseT — which allows for the transmission of uncompressed high-definition AV, power, USB, and control over a single cable.
  • SDVoE — (short for software-defined video over Ethernet), a newer technology that enables AV transmission over off-the-shelf Ethernet networks.
  • AVB — or audio video bridging. This AV networking technology initially addressed the need for guaranteeing the delivery of audio packets in the right order as well as reserving bandwidth for priority routing. This technology as well aims to become a tool for AV integrators.

Each of these standards has its industry proponents, who assert that their particular technology is the one that can propel the AV industry now and in the future.

Meanwhile, AV integrators should be extremely focused on their customers’ network security — regardless of the path they choose.

Which networking option is best for you and your clients?

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